Parkour General

EM*Parkour Classes

Weekly Classes

Preschool Parkour

Ages:  3-5 years

In this 60-minute weekly class, young athletes will learn the fundamentals of Parkour, including balance, endurance, strength, and discipline through simple, fun, and easy to understand exercises.

Experience level:  No experience required.

Parkour Youth

Ages: 6-9 years

In this 60-minute weekly class, athletes will take basic skills and begin building incorporating them into more advanced runs with more intensity, faster pace, and more advanced skills.

Experience level:  No experience required.


Ages:  10+

This is it, the real deal.  In this 60-minute weekly class, we cover not only the skills involved in Parkour, but the discipline and philosophy it takes to truly be a Traceur (someone who is proficient at Parkour). 

This means passion, dedication, and lots of conditioning. This class is a perfect blend of strength training, constantly pushing their limits, and creativity. 

Experience level:  No experience required.

Advanced Parkour & Tricking

Ages:  10+.  Adults welcome.

Athletes in this class are the best of the best. They are constantly pushing themselves without being asked, study at home, and have a thirst for progression.  Athletes will be fluent in the language/art of Parkour, and be performing the most advanced skills of the sport. Not for the light hearted.

Experience level:  Instructor recommendation.

Trick & Tramp

This 30 minute face-paced class will allow athletes to  use Empire’s 30 ft TumblTrak to engage in high-flying aerial tricks & skills.  

Experience level:  Basic Parkour experience required.  

Vaults & Walls

This class is the bread and butter of Parkour. Being able to perform all the different vaults, as well as perform wall runs, is the pure foundation of Parkour. Without it, there would be no style.  This 30 minute class will rotate each week specializing in the Parkour skills of Vaults & Walls.  

Experience level:  Basic Parkour experience required.  


Parkour Tricking is a favorite among athletes at Empire.  Now you can spend an extra 30 minutes devoted to the fun of flipping.   

Experience level:  Basic Parkour experience required.  

Freerunning & Flow

This class teaches athletes of all ages one of the most important aspects of Parkour.

Flow is blending all the moves into one run or "line" as some like to call it. Seamlessly moving from one obstacle to the next is what makes the difference between someone who is simply good, and someone who is great.

Experience level:  Basic Parkour experience required.