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Our staff and leadership team continue to be committed to serving our community and doing what's best for children. 

Stunt Tips Tuesday: Basket Tosses


The Basket Toss is always a crowd pleaser. The best part is that you can do any number of basket toss variations in order to keep it fresh and visually impactful. It is important to train correctly to get the height that impresses the crowed and always safty. Here are some suggestions to help you master the Basket Toss. 

Creating A Bond


Most people think that to succeed as a team, everyone has to be super talented. You have to have the best stunts, the best jumps, and the highest difficulty score, but there is something more important beyond the routine. To become a strong cheer team, you need to build a relationship with your teammates.

Stunt Tips Tuesday: Flyer Balance


Even though stunting is a cheer team involvement and flyers would be nothing without their back spotters or bases, there is still a huge responsibility of performance on the individual flyer. You not only need to have core strength, strong legs, and extreme flexibility, but you also need to have impeccable balance and know techniques to help make the bases' jobs easier and prevent injury. Below is a compiled list of exercises you can do on your own to increase your core and your balance. Plus tips you'll need to know once your in the air to prevent your team from looking like a pile of dominoes!