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Stronger Body Circuit


Daydreaming of all the new skills you want to accomplish? A strong body is key, and we have the exercises to help get you there. Incorporate the following workout three times a week to help your body become stronger, leaner and ready to take on new challenges. Click the Image below to see the full article.

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How to Prepare for Cheerleading Tryouts


Are you wondering how to prepare for cheerleading tryouts? Cheerleading tryouts can be nerve-racking at best. Being prepared for them is the key to appearing confident and showing your true spirit.

The Health Benefits of Cheerleading


Much like many other team sports, cheerleading involves athleticism and dedication. Cheerleading, through choreographed routines, tumbling, stunts and jumps, improves muscular strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination. Most high school or competitive squads practice for several hours a week, while many collegiate squads have strength training requirements in addition to practice. Proper conditioning, training and safety requirements help prevent injuries when practicing stunts, tumbling passes and jumps.