December 2013: Empire is birthed in Brooke's Garage, with one red mat.

March 2014: Empire hosts it's first classes in a back room in Benton. 103 athletes are signed up before the first class begins.

May 2014: Due to growth, Empire can no longer remain in the back room and move to their first "real location" on Interstate 30 at the end of the Luigi's building. Enrollment grows to 350 athletes in 11 months.

June 2014: Empire announces the launch of "Showcase Teams.

April 2015: Empire closes on a 7000 sq ft building in Bryant, which they believe will be their forever home. Enrollment doubles the next month.

May 2015: Empire announces the launch of "Competitive Rec Teams."


April 2016: Empire announces the addition of Parkour to its programs.

December 2016: Empire closes on their 'for-real' forever home in Benton - a 18,000 sq ft facility - which will house a Main Training Room, a Parkour Room, Tiny Tumble Room, Event Room, Team Room, and offices for all the Staff.

January 2017: Remodeling begins.

March 2017: Empire moves in the newly remodeled space.

May 2017: Owner Brooke Plack opens a second business - Connect AFC, an After School Care and Mother's Day Out Program - in Empire's former location.

March 2018: Empire announces the expansion of their programs with the addition of All Star Cheerleading.

2018 and Beyond:

Where we will go next...